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A detailed case study of a successful content and social media marketing campaign we delivered.

 How we successfully helped a non-profit organization promote their upcoming event

Houston Writers Guild





Local (Greater Houston Area)

The Houston Writers Guild is a local non-profit driven to provide a fun, collaborative atmosphere for writers of all skill levels to connect and learn from one another.


The Houston Writers Guild strives to provide incredible experiences like Indiepalooza to its members and local area writers and wanted to make sure as many people as possible knew about the event.

Here’s how we promoted the Houston Writers Guild conference and drove event registration.


The Houston Writers Guild needed to get the word out about their upcoming writing conference, Indiepalooza, but time was running out. They needed an event landing page, content marketing and a social media presence all within less than 2 months.

So, with the deadline fast approaching, how could we let Houston area writers know about this incredible event and encourage people to attend?


INSIGHT #1 – Paid promotion campaigns allow you to home in on your target audience.

While we were creating content to promote through their social media channels, we quickly realized that with the deadline looming we’d need something to expedite our ROI. So, we developed two Facebook event campaigns and were able to pursue a very targeted niche that had the highest chance of converting.

INSIGHT #2Strong Calls-to-Action are essential.

After setting up the event landing page, we tested multiple calls-to-action (CTAs) to see what would convert best. A good call-to-action can make or break your event registration and is one of the most important elements to a successful marketing campaign.

INSIGHT #3Leverage marketing automation tools to simplify the workload.

Trying to simultaneously develop and manage an event website, social media accounts and content marketing efforts can become complicated quite quickly. To save ourselves some headaches, we used tools like Buffer and Canva to simplify the posting schedule and content development workload.


Event Landing Page

Through a detailed discovery phase, we collected all the information from HWG about the event. We captured speakers, topics and event details to be included on the website. Then we designed and developed a landing page specifically for the event with the sole purpose of driving ticket sales.

We integrated social media sharing widgets and strong CTAs throughout to drive traffic straight into the registration funnel.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to needing to promote the event, the Guild had transitioned to a new Twitter account and needed to rebuild its following. Coupled with our content marketing approach, we developed a series of writer-focused posts that announced the event and drove a considerable amount of followers to the new account.

Facebook Paid Campaigns

Not having a lot of time, we needed to find an inexpensive way to accelerate our marketing efforts and expand our reach. We designed two paid Facebook event campaigns, which allowed us to home in  on a very specific target audience most likely to convert. This led to greater exposure for the event and even increased overall engagement with the Houston Writers Guild brand across all of its channels.

Custom Content Development

With the website and social media channels up and running, we needed a quick and inexpensive way to capture our audience’s attention and generate buzz about the event. Working with the Guild, we created a stylized event flyer to highlight the important dates, times, speakers and sessions. We also rebranded their Facebook, Twitter and main website to draw attention to the event and improve their overall brand consistency.


The project was an incredible success and generated almost 50 registrations and increased Twitter & Facebook followers and engagement.

Though there were time constraints and challenges along the way, this campaign was able to adapt and refine on the fly which ensured its success.

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